Dirty Dog Carpet Care is a husband and wife team committed to offering state of the art carpet and upholstery cleaning in Cardiff, Bridgend, the Afan, Llynfi, Garw and Ogmore Valleys, Neath and Port Talbot.


As parents and pet owners, we were sick and tired of having dirty carpets in our house. Spending hundreds of pounds on a department store-bought vacuum and a department store-bought carpet cleaner left us disappointed, as we weren’t able to clean our carpets to our satisfaction.

However, after losing work due to Covid 19, we decided to invest in state of the art commercial equipment and carpet cleaning certification courses. The difference was ASTOUNDING. Stains that had been left to set for months vanished! Pet odors were finally gone. Not to mention, there is something gloriously addictive about watching carpets go from dingy to like-new again. Now, we can’t wait to give all of our customers the same fresh, clean experience!

Best yet, we shop local! All of our equipment and cleaning supplies are purchased from family-owned, independent suppliers, here in South Wales.


We offer commercial and residential cleanings, using hot water extraction, considered the most effective method for cleaning carpets by the majority of manufacturers.

After we have identified the carpet and backing material, and inspected the carpet for any issues or potential problems, we are ready to begin.

  • Step 1 is using our amazing industrial vacuum cleaner — this pulls out the dirt so that when we apply our solutions, we are not just making mud in your carpet.
  • Step 2 is applying a solution (which changes based on the material and stains we are treating) to treat your rug, carpet or fabric furniture.
  • We then delve into Step 3, where we agitate the solution into the carpet, and treat all those dirty little fibres.

Once the carpet has been agitated, and the solutions have done their job, we move into the final stage — using hot water extraction to pull out all of the solutions we’ve applied. This is done by spraying pressurised hot water into the fabric and then, almost instantly, vacuuming it straight out. This will leave your carpet at the correct PH level and pull any cleaning solutions out of the carpet.

Depending on the fabric material, drying time is typically about 1-2 hours.

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